Watch this short video to learn why your Social Media and other Online Marketing efforts are not producing the SEO and Google Ranking results you would like.

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Six Things To Think About

Two of Clubs


Many companies have multiple Google identities. Lost passwords, employee turnover, various consultants, and constant changes to Google’s structure have all created a mass confusion.

This can severely reduce the effectiveness of your website, social media, video marketing, and even pay-per-click advertising. Let Black Ace Digital give you a Google tune-up today!

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The Internet offers vast resources for free that enable new customers to find you. This is the greatest opportunistic land grab since the 1800’s.

Our favorite example is a fully developed YouTube video channel which offers an audience of millions actively searching for your product, service, or brand. Each individual video offers an opportunity to reach another specific demographic.

Five of Clubs


We are not trying to sell you an expensive video production. Costly video does not lead to customers; correctly encoded low-cost video does.

Many customers have previously paid for expensive video productions only to shy away from video when they did not work. The problem was most likely ineffective coding and placement. The good news is that you can have a “do-over” on many of those same videos.

Black Ace


Today’s Internet is driven by video content. Your business marketing needs to effectively use video to improve your customer outreach, online content, and Google placement.

Proper use and keyword coding of video is the most cost effective way to drive results in today’s marketplace.

Four of Clubs


Do not let the big Internet companies own your business. Even if you effectively use Mobile Ads or Pay Per Click campaigns, be sure to continually build free, organic SEO through video.

Generating video content is easier than you think. Repurpose your existing marketing materials to find even more customers cost effectively.

Six of Clubs


Sometimes we meet someone who just does not like video. But we bet they like reaching page 1 of Google search results.

Video marketing is a great tool that can help get you there. And you do not have to be an actor, in fact many of today’s most effective customer videos are whiteboards, explainer videos, or product demonstrations.

How We Can Help Immediately

a fully developed YouTube video channel
Organic SEO Google Search Results

Video Channel Design & Creation

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Each individual video helps to capture more keywords and search phrases used by potential customers. Use organic marketing growth to offset rising pay-per-click costs.

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Organic Digital Marketing

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We can boost your digital presence with professional, effective, and affordable video marketing. Our expertise will result in higher search engine rankings, customer responses, and brand appeal.

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Rather than talk about ourselves we would rather show you what we have done for clients.

What Others Say About Us

“Their social media expertise was instrumental in the optimization of the Airport’s YouTube channel. Throughout the project, the team was readily available and able to answer any questions that arose.”
Rachel Z., Major Metropolitan Airport
“(Black Ace Digital) has been instrumental in the advancement of our Toyota dealership’s digital outreach marketing through online management, social media interaction, video marketing, and enhanced placement on Google and other popular search engines. They are very accessible and have been extremely helpful with outside-the-box thinking in the new wave of digital marketing.

I would highly recommend these guys. I feel I have gained a new business partner and friend.”

Curt J., Automobile Dealership, Owner

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